We have been helping businesses to find their perfect Office space in De Waterkant since 2013. Our team of property professionals are ready to find your perfect space. We have a longstanding relationship with the top property funds and property management companies in the city. Office Rental Cape Town. We feature properties from Cape Town’s most exclusive, vibrant, and desirable commercial locations, Cape Space Properties offer a premium property portfolio that showcases the very best A Grade Commercial Space Cape Town has to offer. Office Space to Rent in Century City.  As part of our comprehensive service, we offer Space Planning as well as Office Renovation Services to our clients. Corporate Real Estate Services.   We have been helping businesses just like yours to find their perfect commercial retail or industrial space. Our team of property professionals are ready to find your perfect space. We have a longstanding relationship with the top property funds and property management companies in the city. Web Design Cape Town. We’re committed to prioritizing the health and safety of all members and employees in our spaces. Below are the most current updates on our buildings, including the health and safety measures we have in place across the world. Office Rental Agencies in Cape Town. The most useful call center layouts and workspace designs are the ones that aid productivity while conserving space. Commercial Property News. Consider the tasks your employees need to accomplish and the equipment they need to use to choose a layout that fits your company. Maximize your investment by purchasing call center cubicles from a company that also offers space-planning services. Commercial Property specialist in Cape Town.

South Africa has one of the lowest cost of operations for English language contact centre delivery as compared to other locations – at least 50-60% lower than those in England and Australia for both voice and non-voice work. Office Space to Rent in Observatory Cape Town. This is primarily driven by low salaries (South Africa has lower costs of living and lower competitive intensity for talent) and low real estate costs. The national Global Business Services incentive programme,  provided by the South African Department of Trade and Industry, helps to further lower the cost to the range present in Philippines and India. Office to Let Observatory.

Get in touch today, and let us find you the right Commercial space to Rent in Century City.  We have been helping businesses to find their perfect Office Space to Rent in Cape Town since 2013. Our team of property professionals are ready to find your perfect space. We have a longstanding relationship with the top property funds and property management companies in the city. We feature properties from Cape Town’s most exclusive, vibrant and desirable commercial locations. Call Center Space to Rent in Cape Town.

When the first call centre companies appeared in the 90s, the office spaces did not offer the possibilities we have nowadays and the people’s awareness of efficiency was much lower than it is at present. The market of call centre companies which offer simple services has greatly evolved into the direction of specialization and professionalization. Office to Rent Tygervalley. Currently people working for call centres perform more varied activities and tasks than it was initially ‒ 8 working hours with a phone receiver. The change in the work style has been accompanied by some changes in the office space that is now supposed to support employees in carrying out their everyday duties. Commercial Property to Rent in Woodstock Cape town.

 Office Rental companies in Cape Town. We offer a premium property portfolio that showcases the very best A Grade Commercial Office Space to Rent Woodstock.  Independent and delivered at no-cost to clients, our service assists hundreds of businesses like yours each month to search, select and secure the right office and warehouse solution for their business. Delivered as part of a fully consultative service, our team can streamline the office search process from beginning to end. So whether you are looking for Office Space in the City Bowl, Green Point, Southern Suburbs, Tygervalley or Century City, our knowledgeable team of commercial property brokers can use their unrivaled knowledge of the local property market to guide your office or industrial search. Cape Space provides access to the definitive portfolio of Premium Commercial Office and Industrial space available in Cape Town and surrounding suburbs, streamlining the process of conducting an office search. Moving to a new office or just revamping your current space, we will get you up to three independent quotations, saving you time and money. Commercial and Industrial Property to Rent Cape Town. Find the right space to let. Cape Town City is a lively mix of activity and the heart of the city where businesses, social outings and nightlife blend into one. With a wide variety of restaurants, bars, markets, shopping centres, theaters, museums and hotels to name a few. Cape Town City is the perfect setting for investors, home buyers or business owners. The CBD comprises a few unique nodes where we have listed some of the best Commercial Properties to rent. Suburbs such as  Office Space to Rent Woodstock, Gardens, Green Point as well as the V&A Waterfront all fall within the CBD and are all very popular locations for renting Commercial Property. The city offers a mix of small creative office set ups as well as much larger corporate settings. Industrial Property to Rent airport Industria. Speak to our area agent for expert advice on renting office space in Cape Town CBD. Cape Town Central City is considered today to be South Africa’s most vibrant and safest CBD’s. The City Bowl also offers a very wide range of rentals, meaning that we can promise to find the perfect office space for your business to rent. Visit our home page to see all the latest offices to rent in the Cape Town CBD as well as surrounding areas Tygervalley Office Rentals.

Warehouse to Rent Epping Industria.  is located in a prime position with Cape Town, is very central and offers easy access to surrounding suburbs, highways as well as the Airport. Epping Industria is the largest and most centrally situated industrial area in greater Cape Town. Office Space in Bellville. The area hosts a number of companies involved in the textile, automotive, logistics, construction and food processing industries. Since Epping is considered to be the most formidable industrial and business node, in the greater Cape Town area, there are always new developments, business and industrial parks opening as well as established ones that have been in operation for years. Find Commercial Property to Rent in Cape Town. Cape Town’s MetroRail train system has a railway that runs on the outskirts of Epping Industria, some of the closest stations are Langa and Bontheuwel. Epping Industria is within close proximity to the Cape Town international airport and this route can be reached via the MyCiti bus service. Minivan taxis are also an easy way of travelling to Epping. Epping is well connected via all major routes in Cape Town, roads are well maintained and is therefore easy to reach Epping via car or taxi. Office space to rent in Tygervalley Cape Town.

Commercial Real Estate Agency: We feature property to rent  from Cape Town’s most exclusive, vibrant, and desirable commercial locations, we offer a premium property portfolio that showcases the very best A Grade Commercial Space Cape Town has to offer. Cape Town Waterfront. If you’re looking for a city that can accommodate technology and infrastructure, effective resourcing, superb customer service, lower costs, and a higher quality of life, then look no further than Cape Town, South Africa. Offices to Rent in De Waterkant.  Cape Town is home to top universities, including University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, University of the Western Cape, Cape Peninsula University of Technology. We have the highest Maths pass rate and the lowest unemployment rate in SA. Office to Rent in Claremont Cape Town. Lining up cubicles in rows is a traditional layout for call centers. The layout is appealing to businesses because it doesn’t require extensive planning, so it can be assembled quickly. Square or rectangular cubicles arranged in rows usually have high dividing walls to give users some privacy. Commercial Property to Rent Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. The high dividers also deflect noise to prevent distractions caused by other workers’ phone conversations. Office Space for Sale Cape Town.  However, arranging cubicles in rows can make employees feel boxed in at their workspace. Commercial Property News.  High dividers also inhibit conversations between employees who may need to consult with each other when problems arise. Call Center Space to Rent Cape Town. Interior Renovations Cape Town.

Claremont Cape Town is now an established leading offshore BPO destination. In the last 10 years, over 35,000 job opportunities servicing the international community have been created. South Africa was named “Offshore Destination of the Year” at the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) Awards in 2018 and is one of the fastest-growing BPO locations globally. Find Office Space to Rent Waterfront Cape Town. This is primarily due to Cape Town offering high-quality voice-driven contact centres, but also to the fact that BPO companies here are increasingly providing services across a wide range of industries, as well as niche markets. Interior Design Agency Cape Town. Our qualified talent pool has allowed us to expertly serve the retail, utilities, travel and tourism, finance, legal, logistics, and IT sectors. BPO Centers in Cape Town. Find the best range of serviced and furnished office space to rent in Cape Town. Call Center Offices to Rent in Cape Town. Some call centers have quad tables, which are separate tables divided into four workspaces. The tables are arranged so that two workers can sit next to each other and directly across from two others. The dividers separating the workspaces are low so that employees can converse and collaborate on projects. Tijger Park, Tygervalley. Low dividers create a more open feel in call centers than high dividers do. However, you may see productivity drop if quad-table arrangements and low dividers tempt workers to spend more time talking to each other than making calls. Find a call center in Cape Town. Commercial Property Jobs Cape Town. Commercial Property in Cape Town.  Ergonomics plays an important role in call center design, no matter what type of layout you choose. Ergonomics focuses on the physical stresses and injuries to employees’ joints and muscles due to repetitive motions involved with using equipment. Adjustable chairs and computer keyboards help prevent such problems because they allow employees to work in positions that are comfortable for them. Commercial Property Cape Town. The added expense of buying ergonomic equipment can pale in comparison to the cost of lost productivity that results from repetitive-motion injuries. The first thing you should do is identify the reason why you are opening a new contact centre, specifically focusing on your purpose and objectives. It can also help to look at what channels your customers are using and where you need to be to align with their needs.